A Little Extra Kick in the Pants for Your Project

Sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference. Our growing list of flat-rate Extras & Add-Ons allows you to enhance your branding and user experience.

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Perhaps you are starting with nothing but a name. Maybe you have a great website and would like to model the rest of your brand around it. You may even have an effective brand in place and just need to expand it. Once we determine a starting point, we will discuss your company’s mission and services, your competitors and your demographic.

Once we have a sense of your company, we will look at the things that inspire you and discuss how you would like to be seen in your market. Are there certain colors or shapes that are important to you? Do you want a business image that is classy and refined or funky and cutting edge?

We welcome your creative input – web links, magazine clippings, sketches, fabric swatches – anything to get the dialogue going. From there, our team drafts a few rough concepts which we will present to you for discussion. The process continues like this – brainstorming and refining – until we reach a finished product. We encourage you to get involved as you like in our creative process!

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Each year we serve a small number of clients at a very high level. While we only create an average of twenty sites or so per year, we’ve picked out a few notable projects to highlight for you below.