Landers Brannon has been intentionally designed to embrace the direction our industry has evolved over recent years using hand-picked contingent partners, resources and ringers as needed. Unlike larger traditional agencies, our size allows us to stay ahead of the disruptions digital brings. Clients quickly learn that our team is dedicated, professional, creative and nimble.

A Culture of Collaboration and Consistency

Our team is comprised of an amalgam of specialists with talents stretching across the disciplines of strategic planning, user experience design, development, information architecture, project management, and beyond – however everyone here shares a passion for the highest standards of quality and an unquenchable thirst for innovation. We only surround ourselves with the best talent, and more importantly, the best people. We invite you to get to know our long-trusted ringers below and feel free to contact them directly if you have a focused need for their expertise.

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Mike Brannon

Principal and Managing Director

As Principal and Managing Director, Mike not only leads the agency’s client operations, but also serves as a fearless leader to the entire team. He is dedicated to growth and success of the consortium, both as a whole and for each and every partner and ringer he’s lucky enough to work with every day. Beyond the office, Mike treasures time spent with his wife and two young sons. He’s an avid (albeit mediocre) golfer and he’s happy to get off the grid whenever time allows. Mike holds degrees in Business and Psychology from the University of Texas at Austin.

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We are a human-sized studio driven by passion and meticulous attention to detail. We are designers, developers, producers and strategists who all love what we do. We’re based in Austin and have specialized in attractive, intuitive interfaces for the web since 2002.