Our SEO and Analytics Services

Search engine optimization prepares your website content for discovery and indexation by the search engines and should be a priority for your small business. On-page search engine optimization is a systematic approach to structuring and presenting your content in a format that is favorable to the search engine spiders that crawl your site. This is vital to determining how relevant it is for specific keyword phrases and more importantly where it should rank on the search engine results pages (SERPs). Features of a perfectly optimized page include:

Uniquely Valuable Content

An optimized page doesn’t just provide unique content, but unique value. What’s the difference? Unique content simply means that those words, in that order, don’t appear anywhere else on the web. Unique value refers to the usefulness and takeaways derived by visitors to the page. Many pages can be “valuable,” but few provide a truly unique kind of value — one that can’t be discovered on other pages targeting that keyword phrase.

Organic and On-Page SEO

Installation and Configuration of Premium WordPress SEO Plugins

If not already integrated, we will download, install and configure the best plugins available for WordPress SEO and Social Media including Yoast Google Analytics, WordPress SEO and JetPack for WordPress to make sure the best tools are in place before we start our on-page SEO initiatives. These plugins are by far the most complete SEO solutions available for WordPress and each are used and battle tested on enterprise level websites that get millions of hits a day such as NASA, Pepsi, CNN, General Electric and The Democratic National Convention.

Pay-Per-Click and Advanced Online Marketing

Pay-Per-Click and Other Paid Advertising

Even with a top spot on Google, a well-run PPC campaign can boost clicks to your site by as much as an additional 50%. The beauty of this system is that you only pay when someone actually clicks on one of your ads. The tricky part is making sure your ad shows up at the exact moment someone is looking for what you offer, and then getting them to do what you want after they click. Fortunately, we happen to excel at both. Let us take the fuss of Adwords off your hands so you can focus on your business. We’ll manage, monitor and tweak your campaign for a low monthly fee. We’ll also know what your competitors are spending and doing, and we’ll use this competitive intelligence to help you gain even greater separation.

Monitoring and Reporting

Rank Tracking

The most determining factor of whether or not an SEO campaign is a success or failure is through a rank tracking service. Our rank tracking service comes with quality tools to ensure a thorough analysis and report of the overall progress. There are a lot of ways to track a website’s search engine ranking, one of which is to do it manually. However, the manual method is not always the best method and it is very time consuming. We make use of quality tools that can strategically monitor and track your rank and the effectivity of the keywords used during the whole campaign. You can get a weekly, monthly or bi-monthly report on your overall performance depending on your package and we ensure full transparency and disclosure on the overall progress of the SEO strategies we have implemented.


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