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Sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference. Our growing list of flat-rate Extras & Add-Ons allows you to enhance your branding and user experience.

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Perhaps you are starting with nothing but a name. Maybe you have a great website and would like to model the rest of your brand around it. You may even have an effective brand in place and just need to expand it. Once we determine a starting point, we will discuss your company’s mission and services, your competitors and your demographic.

Once we have a sense of your company, we will look at the things that inspire you and discuss how you would like to be seen in your market. Are there certain colors or shapes that are important to you? Do you want a business image that is classy and refined or funky and cutting edge?

We welcome your creative input – web links, magazine clippings, sketches, fabric swatches – anything to get the dialogue going. From there, our team drafts a few rough concepts which we will present to you for discussion. The process continues like this – brainstorming and refining – until we reach a finished product. We encourage you to get involved as you like in our creative process!

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Mobile and Responsive Design

Stand-alone mobile sites offer a level of content that is tailored to mobile viewers. The mobile site is typically separate from your full site, with a unique URL and has its own set of files. the user is usually provided with key information that will entice them to access the full website, or a means of taking action to accomplish their goal. This can be something as simple as calling to set up an appointment, or to purchase goods and services.

Responsive Design is based on a website being responsive to the device being used to view it. Unlike a stand-alone mobile site, which is unique and separate from the full site,  a Responsive Design is one site with one set of code that changes orientation and layout based on the viewing device, such as PC, tablet, or smart-phone.

Email Marketing

Easy and cost-effective, email has quickly become the top method to stay in touch with customers. We agree that email marketing campaigns can be a successful part of your online strategy–but only if they’re part of a permission-based marketing campaign.

We adhere to the Seth Godin model of permission-based marketing, and understand that customer retention-not acquisition-is the focus of successful email campaigns. Together with our interactive marketing partner, CampaignMonitor, we can help you create, deliver and track emails, comply with anti-spam legislation and develop powerful, effective email marketing campaigns that compel your customers to respond.

From strategy and planning to full campaign design, management or consultation, we can help your email marketing efforts every step of the way. A well-designed HTML email template can increase site traffic, conversions, dialogue and customer loyalty. Businesses are realizing the value of creating engaging and compelling messages through HTML email, and Landers Brannon is your ideal creative email-marketing partner.


Designing an eCommerce website requires a different approach compared to basic website design. Varieties of online selling principles are considered while designing an e-commerce website. Putting a product on the web is easier than renting space and opening a supermarket. However, selling the product is much more difficult. A good e-commerce website design should be user-friendly and accessible with minimum number of clicks.

At Landers Brannon, we tackle the challenge of transforming conventional marketing techniques into profitable online selling process. Some of our eCommerce offerings include integration of user friendly (and SEO friendly) shopping carts, well designed search catalogs, Payment Gateway Integrations, SSL certificates and supporting online marketing services.

Motion Graphics and Video

In order to engage your audience, sometimes photos and text simply aren’t enough. Our trusted ringers can design and develop motion graphics that will strengthen your message, engage your audience and become a valuable part of your marketing plan. What’s more, motion graphics can help visually demonstrate a complex idea or product quickly and effectively – saving your prospective customer time and increasing your opportunity for a conversion.

Whether you need to introduce a new service or product, educate or inform the general public, explain complex concepts or simply show off your achievements, we can produce compelling motion graphics, animation and video that will far exceed your expectations.

Flash Design and Development

We have a rich history in Flash design and development and understand the importance a balanced use of Flash elements in today’s websites.

Flash allows for a very rich, fluid animation, combining endless elements including video, music, and animated interface. It works best to communicate a complex theme or idea to a user. Flash facilitates very-high level real-time interactivity, allowing users to engage with the website in a level that standard website development and design simply doesn’t allow.

We use Flash to create interactive microsites, eLearning platforms, banner ads, sales and marketing presentations, photo galleries and a variety of other multimedia for a variety of platforms and devices.


Once your site goes live, we’ll walk you through the content management system and the statistics package so you’ll know how to use everything. We use different training methods depending on the size of the project, the CMS used, and how large the team is that will be updating the site regularly. We’ll produce custom training guides specifically tailored for your website and your team will have access to the PDF training documents as you need them. We also produce detailed training videos to walk you through a step-by-step process on how to update different parts of your new site. Finally we offer in-person training sessions on an individual basis or as part of a larger group. Rest assured, we are always here for our clients after launch so you will never be left in the dark.


Whether building a web site, or an application, it is critical to clearly define the requirements. Otherwise the site or application will not operate as needed to meet the business objectives. We offer four categories of consulting: business, content, functional and technical consulting. We have a deep understanding of mobile, web and back-end system technologies so we can tell you what’s possible and what’s best for your business. We’ll set clear expectations on costs and help plan the long-term commitment for all sized projects. Finally, we’ll provide you with a long-term strategy and road map that’s right for your budget and target audience.


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Each year we serve a small number of clients at a very high level. While we only create an average of twenty sites or so per year, we’ve picked out a few notable projects to highlight for you below.